Glory of the Nathria Raider

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$129.00 $157.00

Here you can buy Glory of the Nathria Raider meta-achievement to get unique Rampart Screecher bat flying mount fast and easy
  • 10/10 Castle Nathria Normal bosses killed with Personal Loot participating in one of our best raiding teams

  • Castle Nathria achievement for completing 10/10 Castle Nathria Normal run

  • 200 item level (207 item level from two last bosses) loot for your character's chosen class and spec including socketed items

  • Chance to obtain Conduits for your Covenant Soulbinds customization and Memory of the Runecarver recipes to unlock Legendary Powers in Runecarver's Chamber.
  • Tons of Reservoir Anima for your Covenant Reservoir or buy come cool rewards


  • Level 60