BFA War Campaign Boost

Buy Nyalotha HEROIC Boost WoW - Uptownboost


Here you can buyBFA War Campaign Boostoost in World of Warcraft ( WOW)
  • Full War Campaign completed for Horde or Alliance faction

  • 1 Achievement: Ready for War / Ready for War depending on your faction
  • All 3 Zandalar / Kul Tiras zones access for Alliance / Horde character respectively

  • Horde / Alliance Order Hall Champions and Order Hall Upgrades unlock
  • Island Expeditions unlock

  • World Quests access
  • Warfronts access
  • 2 Mythic Dungeons access: Siege of Boralus for Horde and King's Rest for Alliance

  • Honorbound / 7th Legion reputation boosted to Revered