Ny'alotha, The Waking City HEROIC [US Server]

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Here you can buy patch 8.3 new raid Ny'alotha, The Waking City HEROIC Carry Boost in WoW. Boosters will carry you to defeat up to 12/12 bosses of Ny'alotha (NTWC) raid!

You must have Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve equipped, otherwise you won't be able to get kill credit for the last bosses

Service includes:

  • Raid is completed in HEROIC Mode with loot (choose your loot option)! You will get kill of  11/12 bosses  or 12/12 bosses
    • Wrathion, the Black Emperor;
    • Maut;
    • The Prophet Skitra;
    • Dark Inquisitor Xanesh;
    • The Hivemind;
    • Shad'har the Insatiable;
    • Drest'agath; 
    • Vexiona;
    • Ra-den the Despoiled;
    • Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn; 
    • Carapace of N'Zoth; 
    • N'Zoth, the Corruptor; 
  • Chance 460+ item level (470+ item level from two last bosses) loot for your character!

  • Several Encrypted Ny'alothan Text items which can be used to create Rank 1, Rank 2 and Rank 3 of The Formless Void Azerite Essence


Service Information:

  • No need to know tactics! Just hit the boss once and you will get your items after
  • Ny'alota, the Waking city boost takes around 1,5 hours
  • Just pick how many bosses, your loot option and your time, we will contact you!

All Azerite Armors gained in Ny'alotha have your Best in Slot (BiS) azerite trait in them.



  • World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth purchased!
  • Level 120 Character
  • Do at least 1 hit on each boss in the raid to be able to get the loot


    Selfplay means - You will play by yourself with your toon, no need to share any acc or password. Your account stays safe from theft and there is zero security risks.

    Extra Loot information:

    Regular Personal Loot Run without Loot Trade

    You will only get what personal loots offer you. This will be a random amount of loot per run. Personal loot does not guarantee any amount of loot, only your chance from loots and Bonus loots. With extra boosters, you can your desired loot from Ny'alotha the Waking City Boost.

    Additional Loot for an extra price (X3 / X4 / X5 Boosters)
    You have the opportunity to buy additional X3 / X3 / X4 Boosters in our raids to increase the quantity of needed loot you will get from the raid.  


    There will be 3 players with the same armor type as your toon in the raid who will trade all items they get to you. 
      There will be 4 players with the same armor type as your toon in the raid who will trade all items they get to you. 
        There will be 5 players with the same armor type as your toon in the raid who will trade all items they get to you.


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