Mage Tower Class Challenge

Buy Nyalotha HEROIC Boost WoW - Uptownboost


→ Please contact us BEFORE purchasing this boost and send us your armory link.

What you get:

  • We play the Mage Tower Scenario for your class and complete the class-specific quest.
  • With completion, you will receive a new artifact appearance.
  • You also get the achievement A Challenging Look


  • Level 110 character
  • Mage Tower has to be up
  • 36+ Artifact Traits
  • Nethershard for 10-15 Trys (100 per Try)
  • Gear item level 910+ , may vary depends from spec, check with operator for more info.

    What we need from you:

    • Characters Name
    • Your server
    • Your email
    • Your password


    • Server: all official Blizzard servers
    • Faction: Alliance or Horde
    • Play Style: Accountplay (We play your account)


    • Account information as well as all personal data you provide us is handled with utmost care.
    • Please also take a look at the positive feedback from satisfied customers.

    → If your character does not meet the requirements you can contact us nonetheless - a boost may be possible despite of that.