Power Leveling up to 120 Level Boost

Buy Nyalotha HEROIC Boost WoW - Uptownboost


Here you can buy Battle for Azeroth PowerLeveling that includes:

  • You will get your character boosted to 120 level by completing quests and running dungeons!

  • Achievement Level 120 upon reaching maximum level

  • Heart of Azeroth obtained (new BFA Artifact which you'll carry throughout the entire expansion)


  • Login and password, your account's safety guaranteed.



Check our table to know the exact lead time of your powerleveling boost
Leveling option  Standard boost time (no longer than) Speed leveling (no longer than)
110-120 48 hours 24 hours
100-120 72 hours 36 hours
90-120 84 hours 42 hours
1-120 15 days 12 days
1-110 13 days 19 days