Torghast Tower Challenge Boost

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Here you can buy Torghast, Tower of the Damned Challenge Boostto obtain weekly amount of Soul Ash required to craft Legendary Gear and also complete Twisting Corridors Challenge for a cool mount and cosmetic rewards


  • Selected amount of Torghast, Tower of the Damned runs on selected Layer completed

  • Specific amount of Soul Ash for completing Torghast Layers in Common WingsSoul Ash amount awarded hardly depends on Torghast Layer Level and number of Wings completed during the weekly reset. Completing higher Layer will automatically award you with all Soul Ash from lower Layers.



  • 60 Lvl Character.
  • Shadowlands main storyline campaign completed. 
  • Torghast Tower unlocked.
  • Certain minimum item level of your character depending on Torghast Tower boost run you’ve chosen to successfully complete the run and get the final reward. Please ask our managers on more details regarding your specific boost run.

Estimated boost time varies and highly depends on your boost run options, please ask our managers on more details regarding your specific boost run.

Torghast Layer Level Soul Ash per each layer (1 Wing) Soul Ash total (1 Wing) Soul Ash Weekly Total (2 Wings)
1 120 120 240
2 100 220 440
3 85 305 610
4 70 375 750
5 60 435 870
6 50 485 970
7 45 530 1060
8 40 570 1140




Some cool rewards for completing Torghast Layers in Twisting Corridors Challenge Mode:


Twisting Corridors Layer Twisting Corridors Rewards
1 Some Stygia
2 Death Seeker pet
3 Some Stygia
4 Helm of the Dominated toy
5 Some Stygia
6 Spirestalker unique title
7 Some Stygia
8 Corridor Creeper mount


Different achievements and other rewards for completing Torghast Tower Layers